Welcome to the Cypress Grove Beginner Band!

We are so glad your child chose to be in the band this year! I hope you have been able to find an instrument to purchase or rent from one of our music stores. If you have not, there is still time! Please visit or call the music stores to set up a rental plan.

If your child is playing oboe, bassoon, french horn, baritone, or tuba they will rent an instrument from Cypress Grove during the first week of school. You only need to go to the music store to get the other necessary supplies.

Every band student needs the following for the first week of school:
1 inch 3 ring binder
Pencil Pouch with 3 pencils and a dry erase marker
A spiral notebook

Please let me know if you have any problems or questions. You can email me by clicking on “Contact” on the menu above.

Interested in Joining the CG Band?

We are so excited that you are interested in joining the Cypress Grove Band!  We have scheduled a few instrument interview events for you to come tryout all the instruments to see which one fits you the best.  Click on the “Instrument Interviews” tab above to go to the Sign up link and select the day and time that fits your schedule the best.

You may have no idea what the instruments sound like right now.  Below I have included a link that demonstrates each instrument that will give you more information about how each is played and what they sound like.  Check it out and see which one you like the best!

Instrument Demo